I learned ballroom dancing for three months from April. I’d never done it before. I had been interested in learning ballroom dancing for several years, but it is not a major sport for my generation and I’d hesitated to do it.

The ballroom dancing class I attended was aimed at beginners and was held by the city government. When I found the notice in a city bulletin, I decided to apply for it at first sight. I thought it was a nice chance to try ballroom dancing for the first time because it was limited in duration and lesson fees were not expensive and all of the attendees should have been beginners.

Among the attendees, I was the only young person. I know I’m not so young, but the average age of the attendees except myself was about 65. Some were septuagenarians! I was young compared to them.

I’m not good at physical activity by nature, so it was not easy to dance to the rhythm and acquire the dance movement. The other people were also struggling.

The hardest thing for me was the distance to my partner. The teacher ordered us to maintain a light pelvic contact with partners.  Pelvic???  Teacher said that we had to be close as if we had hinges in the right side of my pelvis and my partner’s right side …I felt a bit embarrassed and couldn’t help pulling away from my partner.

When the teachers were dancing as examples, they were close to each other as if they were hinged. But their faces were not close because they arched their backs. Their postures were beautiful.

I tried to arch my back like them, but it was difficult to maintain. And when I was focused on it, I couldn’t pay attention to other moves.. It was hardest in the beginning, but gradually, I came to see how to make my posture beautiful. Frequent repetition made me remember the moves spontaneously.

Three months went by so fast.
But now, I can dance a sort of waltz and Rumba.

Could somebody take me to a dance party??

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Thank you for your comment.

Yeah, it's really tough ..so I tend not to write in English
but whenever I post articles in Engish, I feel that writing in Engish has a good effect.

Have you seen the Japanese version of "Shall We Dance?" ?
The teacher who taught me ballroom dancing was in the movie as an extra.
He said that it had taken 2 days for shooting and he appeared for only 2 seconds....

> By practicing repeatedly, your figure must become more beautiful.

I hope so..
I think ballroomdancing is really good to keep youthful appearance.
In fact, I guessed that the age of the teacher was around 60, but he is 73 years old!
After I heard that, I recommended my parants to do ballroom dancing.

> I'm sure I can be your partner of folk dance lol.

folk dance!!
Mmm that brings back some memories...
I remember "マイムマイム","ジンギスカン","オクラホマミキサー",and so on.
Can you dance them?
Shall we dance?
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