About a month ago, I joined a walking tour around historical sites in Tokyo held by an international exchange association.
There were few foreigners this time, but I enjoyed walking with various generations of people.

We met at Shimbashi station.
Shimbashi station is one of the oldest stations and there is a memorial tablet there.
It was known as "Shimbashi Teishajo".
You can see the original platform in Shiodome now.

After we walked to Siodome, we visited an observation deck in Carreta SHIODOME.
We had a great view overlooking Rainbow bridge, Odaiba, Kachidoki bridge, Hamarikyu-garden, and so on.

新橋駅 停車場 展望室より

Then, we walked through Ginza and went to St.Luke's garden.
The former site of the American Legation is part of St. Luke’s International Hospital.
Three sets of commemorative stone tablets were placed on the hospital premises to show that the American Legation once stood there.
And two sets of them were placed in Shinsui Park next to St.Luke's Tower.

銀座発祥 聖路加看護大 公使館石標

We had lunch at Shinsui Park.
I woke up early to prepare a Bento box.
It was nice to have lunch in the sunshine, but a little bit windy and the wind was cold.

After a 45 minite lunch break, we went over Tsukuda Bridge to Tsukudajima.
I bought some Tsukudani as souvenirs.
And then we visited Sumiyoshi shrine to pray.

Many cherry trees were lined along the Sumida river.
Very few of them had started to bloom, but some people were having cherry blossom viewing parties.

We left Tsukudajima and headed to Nihonbashi, the final destination of this tour.
On the way, we could see Tokyo Sky Tree in the distance.
(Two days after this tour, it became the tallest tower in Japan surpassing the height of Tokyo Tower.)

I was worn out by the time I got to Nihonbashi.
But there were many places I' m interested in around there because my grandmother was born in Nihonbashi and she used to tell me lots of things about Nihonbashi.

We walked for more than four hours.
I've been to these areas sometimes, but I'd never walked there like this.
I could rediscover the wonders of Tokyo.

住吉神社 sky tree 日本橋 零米

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Hello, Mariko。, how's your weekend?

Wow, I'm impressed with your post written in English.
Great. What brings you do this? Something exciting
happened to you?

Yes, there are a lot of noticeable places in Tokyo.
Have you ever visited kubizuka and kanda-shrine?
I'd like to visit there.

What is it on the tablet? A symbol?

I often write historical things, such as temples or
shrines in my blog in English. Once I start studying
their long story, I feel as if I were in a maze.
Sometimes, I can't tell differences between the difficulty
in English and the complicacy of histories. :D

Anyway, I'm glad to read your journal. I'm waiting
for the next one.
From: Wood * 2010/04/25 01:02 * URL * [Edit] *  top↑
Hi! Wood san♪

Thank you for your comment!
Actually, I attended the seminar for Cambridge EOSL exam
and Mr.Kanzaki encouraged us(=Blogger) to write articles in English
in order to develop our writing skills.

> What is it on the tablet? A symbol?

Our tour guide-san explained to us about it in detail, but I don't remember.. (*_*;

> Anyway, I'm glad to read your journal. I'm waiting for the next one.

I'd like to post blog entries in English often, but it's really tough!
It took more than 3 hours to write this article..
From: まりこ。 * 2010/04/28 01:28 * URL * [Edit] *  top↑

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