Recently I went to KORAKUEN Hall.   It is famous as a sacred place for Boxing and Pro-wrestling matches, but I didn't go there to watch such kind of games. I went to see a TV show, "Shoten".  As you know Shoten is very popular among old people, and my parents are no exception, they are big fans.  The program goes on air every Sunday evening, and they rearlly look forward to it. 
A few weeks ago I got an invitation card for three people to see the live filming of the program, so I asked them to come with me.

The door was scheduled to open at 12:15. I wanted my parents to see the show in good seats, so I went there in advance around 9:30 to stand in line.  The door was on the 5th floor, and the line was already down to the 3rd floor.   Actually I prepared to stand outside, but luckily I was able to stand under the roof. (It was sweltering hot day..) My parents arrived there about 11:30. They said that there was a looooong line outside.

After the door opened, we headed for the folding steel chairs which were closer to the stage than the other seats. This show was for filming the TV program, and big TV cameras were set-up between the steel chairs and the other higer seats.  If you were sat on the higher seats, cameras would disturb you from watching the show clearly
Thanks to my efforts, we were able to take seats on the steel chairs.

You may see my back on TV this weekend (and next Sunday, too!)

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As I wrote in this blog, I passed some test I took in early August,
and i got the result in the beginning of this month.

A friend of mine gave me an arrangement of flowers to celebrate it


really pretty, isn't it?
It has brighten up my room

I've been busy at work recently,
but these flowers make me feel comforted

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I enjoyed a festival last weekend
In my hometown, two big festivals are held in a year, in summer and in autumn,
and the one in autumn is more famous than the other one in summer.
It's held on the first weekend in November every year. We can see a float parade that feature each district.
We can also see a parade by elementary school students. When i was in elementary school, i joined the parade as a baton twirler, and my brother joined in as part of a band. It was a big event for us in those days..

Recently my parents moved to downtown, so we could enjoy the festival from our house! The main street of the parade was just in front.
Of course I'd been to the festival before, but I didn't know that it lasted until night around 9 p.m.
I enjoyed it and reminisced with my parents all day. I spent quality time with them last Sunday.

In contrast,, I didn't get anything done today..
I was planning to visit parents' house, but I didn't.. I didn't feel like doing anything.


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There are only three months left this year.

People usually make resolutions when the new year starts. But I usually feel rather motivated in Autumn. I don't know why, but I guess that I have an enjoyable summer holiday and I can concentrate on doing something without hesitation.

Or.. Autumn must be a good season for doing something.
In Japan, there is a word " ○○-No-Aki".
It means "Autumn is the best season for ○○".
For instance, Dokusho(Reading)-No-Aki, Shokuyoku(Good Apetite)-No-Aki, Geijutsu(Art)-No-Aki, etc.
Mmm.. Autumn may be a good season to do something for everybody.

This year, I'll try the Kanko-Eiken, the tourism Engish Prficiency Test, in October.
It is my first test after taking the Toeic Bridge Test in March.

And I am also planning some travels in October.
What I'm looking forward to most is visiting Nara. A commemorative event for the transfer of the capital is being held until 7th Nov.

Autumn has come.
I'm excited about it.

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Do you like fireworks exhibitions?
How about Bon-dance?
I think they are summer traditions in Japan, and I love both of them.

At a river bank near my grandparents' house, a Bon-dance event and a fireworks festival are held on August 15th every year.
Joining them in Yukata is an annual summer event for me.

Yukata is also one of the seasonal charms in summer, isn't it?
We can see many young ladies wearing Yukata these days.
There is a wide variety of Yukata and they are sold at lower prices compared to the past.

But the Yukata I wear in recent years is priceless for me even though its pattern is simple and classic.

This Yukata was made from a roll of fabric (Tanmono) which was kept as a memento of my grandmother.
My aunt, my mother's younger sister, suggested making my yukata from the memento because Grandmother loved me so much.
My mother sewed it, taught by her older sisiter who is familiar with Japanese dressmaking.
My mother said it was really tough to sew it because of her poor eyesight.

I can see stitching on the collar when I wear it.
It always makes me feel their Love.  
I sometimes come close to tears thinking about it.

I'll wear it for years to come.
Luckily, it seems that I can wear it for a long time , even later on in life,
because it is simple and classic.

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